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About Us

Quality and punctuality

From the very day of establishment, commitment towards quality production (Services and Supply) and Punctuality has been USP of Al-Taawon. In Fulfillment of the same, Al-Taawon has adopted a policy for quality assurance which is as under
:Al-Taawon Is Committed To
.Providing Its clients high quality and Cost effective Services
.Comply with customer’s Specified Requirement
Provide Best Price for Value added products
Ensure that quality Commitments and Requirements are met and that the adopted measures conforms to ISO 90001:2000
Ensure employees Involvement, Motivation and Training to meet the best quality requirement
.Determined business Process aiming to Continues improvement
Dedicated Follow-up and Back-up support to provide In Time and quality completion of projects

Health and Safety

Being well aware about the role of Health and Safety of Workers, Which plays major part in achieving the quality , Al-Taawon has chalked out and implemented a system and garnered the same in its organization from top to bottom (Safety manual can be provide on Demand )


Al-Taawon Detergents LLC (ATCT) is one of the leading companies in the United Arab Emiratis. ATCT manufactures and distributes a wide range of highly reputed and successful brand covering various segments like Building Chemicals Material (Foam Concrete, Micro-silica, Fiber Mesh, GGBS, Fly Ash, Silicon Sealant, Water stop and Foam Concrete Machine’s spare parts) and liquid detergents like (Hand soaps, Dish Wash, Glass Cleaner, Oven Cleaner, Toilet Cleaner, Fabric Softener, Carpet Shampoo, Car shampoo and other household cleaning products.
ATCT began manufacturing and marketing of Building Chemicals Material and detergents in 2010.
ATCT believes in giving the best value for money to its consumers. Over the years, this very philosophy has helped the company build an expanding customer base
ATCT is committed to the pursuit of excellence and adherence to the highest quality standards in all its core activities. The company has also won a large wide clients in numerous countries like Qatar, Sultan Oman, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Sudan, Jordan.


ATCT is a rapidly growing leader in the Building chemical Materials and
detergent business in UAE and takes pride in delivering superior products to its customers. We have established our reputation upon the belief that consistency in quality is essential .We use only raw materials which pass stringent quality and performance tests and which are sourced from reputable and reliable suppliers . Every batch we manufacture is tested in laboratories to ensure that it meets specification before leaving the factory. Quality, service, high performance and cost effective products are central to our business and to maintaining our many UAE & export customers.
ATCT is committed to fostering a work environment that is open, challenging and stimulating for its people. Employees will, throughout their careers with ATCT, have opportunities for development and training that will enhance their professional and personal competencies.

Our Vision

Enhancing health and the quality of life through sustainable building Chemicals Material and cleaning products

Our Mission

To support the sustainability of the cleaning product and building chemicals material industry
To have the ability to improve the quality of life by creating products that promote hygiene and cleanliness, are environmentally sound, and are economically successful.